Quit Smokinng

Christina Carreau BA, ND

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) has outlined an acupuncture protocol to treat many forms of addiction, including nicotine.

I recently had the privilege of putting this smoking cessation protocol to the test. Pleased by our success with this treatment program N.C. has invited me to share her story.

N.C. is a 63-year old female, who recently quit smoking with the assistance of an ear acupuncture protocol. N.C. had been smoking a half a pack/day for 40 years. After suffering with a terrible cough this Fall, which had lingered for nearly three months, she decided it was finally time to quit.

We met in early December and decided on a ‘quit date’. In one week N.C. would begin our smoking cessation program. After our first visit, she was sent home with a smoking diary and a list of withdrawal side effects. She was asked to identify her smoking triggers and potential coping mechanisms that could help her deal with cravings. She returned a week later, signed a ‘stop smoking pact’ and we began the acupuncture protocol that day.

I saw N.C. daily during the first week for acupuncture. The treatment consisted of five needles inserted in each ear and left in for approximately 30 minutes. During week two, she received two treatments of acupuncture and one in the third week.

In conjunction with the acupuncture protocol we used homeopathic and botanical support to assist with the process of detoxification. We also used counseling to help her address the mental and emotional challenges of quitting.

N.C. has been a non-smoker for almost 3 months. Congratulations!