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On April 25, 2018 By

If you have never had shakshuka…you are in for a serious treat! I first discovered this dish while traveling in Morocco years ago and it has been on my ‘top 3 breakfasts list’ ever since. Rich in flavour and in colour, this can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or supper. Serve it up with […]

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Baked Grapefruit

On April 21, 2018 By

If you are not a grapefruit lover…this might be the recipe that changes your mind. This is a beautiful and delicious way to start your day. If you are in a rush…you can speed this process along by broiling the grapefruit for a few minutes rather than baking them. In the words of my daughter, […]

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Golden Turmeric Latte

On April 19, 2018 By


Another creamy and flavourful alternative to coffee.  Turmeric contains curcumin which is anti-inflammatory and a potent antioxidant. This is great for boosting the immune system and for easing digestion.It is a great way to start your day or to end your night.  It is easy on the eyes, the nose and the palate!


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Vanilla Cashew Cream

On April 14, 2018 By


This is really easy to make and super delicious. This particular recipe was inspired by ‘The Blender Girl’ blog. It serves as a great substitute for coffee cream. I have been having this in my decaf chai rooibos teas this past week while I am on my detox but I will be sure […]

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Coconut Matcha Latte

On April 11, 2018 By


If you have not tried Matcha, it is a worthy addition to your tea cupboard. Matcha green tea  is loaded with antioxidants and has a long list of impressive health benefits such as improved memory, mood, concentration, energy and metabolism. Try substituting your morning or afternoon cup of tea or coffee for a […]

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These overnight oats were a real hit in our house. This recipe is delicious, nutritious and will keep you feeling full until lunch time. The best part of this breakfast is that it is ready to go when you wake up. All the mess and prep is taken care of ahead of time so […]

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Blueberry Beet Chia Pudding

On November 16, 2017 By


Serve this for breakfast, dessert or as a tasty midmorning or afternoon snack. This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. It is a beautiful colour and there are so many ways to dress it up with a variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. This is a new go-to recipe in our house. I […]

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This is a delicious and nutritious way to start your day. It is one of my favourite breakfast smoothies and it is ready in under 2 minutes.


2 heaping tbsp hemp hearts 2 tbsp ground flaxseed 1 tbsp shredded coconut or coconut oil 1 tbsp cocoa powder 1 tsp spirulina or 2 handfuls […]

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Overnight Oats

On April 11, 2016 By

This is the perfect breakfast if your mornings tend to be hectic and hurried. These take just a couple of minutes to make the night before and then they are ready to go in the morning. As always, the options are endless. You can add more milk if you prefer this more thinned out […]

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Chia Bowls

On February 16, 2016 By

These are delicious and nutritious and will keep you energized and feeling satiated until lunch time. The best part of chia bowls is that they are fast and easy. So many of us are rushing in the morning so this is a great option for eating on the run. If you divide the recipe […]

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