What if I told you there was a program that could help you lose weight, boost energy, regulate blood sugar, balance hormones, reduce inflammation, improve overall health status and health related quality of life… wouldn’t that be AMAZING?!

Exciting news!

The program exists and is called Metabolic Balance. This is a personalized meal plan tailored to your individual dietary needs and is based on 36 different blood test results.  The lab results in combination with your health profile (including height, weight, measurements, diseases, food allergies, medications and food likes/dislikes) are used to generate a meal plan that will support your weight loss goals.

This is typically a 3-month program consisting of 4 phases and 8 rules that support your nutritional and metabolic needs. The beauty of this program is that it takes away the guesswork by outlining not only what to eat, but when to eat it and how much to eat.  Just as each of us is unique in our own metabolic needs and requirements – your program is also unique to reflect and support your specific needs.

After 13 years of clinical practice, working with hundreds of clients wanting to lose weight and feel great, this program has been a total game changer! Not just for myself personally but for the clients that I have coached through the program. The benefits are vast and the success rate is inspiring.

When we remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of us feeling our best, our body has an opportunity to thrive and to heal. ‘Let food be thy medicine!’

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