One of the unique aspects of naturopathic medicine is that we spend more time with our patients than medical doctors, with our visits averaging between 30-60 minutes, and the initial visit being 90 minutes. Because naturopathic medicine treats individuals not diseases, we take the time to collect all information relevant to your current state of health. Regardless of the health condition being treated we ask about sleep, energy, stress, digestion, diet, exercise routine, family medical history, past medical history, current list of medications and supplements and any thing else that may be related to your current health condition. This gives us a better understanding and greater insight into the underlying causes of disease. A treatment plan is implemented following a thorough intake, a screening physical exam, reviewing recent bloodwork results, other diagnostic tests and your current list of medications (prescription and over the counter).

While initially our treatment focus is on symptom relief and dealing with the current health conditions negatively impacting your quality of life, emphasis is placed on prevention of future illness and our goal is to help patients achieve overall wellness and to optimize health.

Each treatment plan is different as each individual is unique in their presentation and root cause of illness. Often the greatest success is achieved by using a number of different modalities, lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, detoxification, and homeopathy.

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