What To Expect


Initial Visit – The initial visit is 1.5 hours which allows enough time to gather all of the necessary information and also allows you time to ask questions and have things explained in a way that makes sense to you. During this visit we gather information about your current health concerns, past medical history, family medical history, current list of prescription and over the counter medications, supplements, stress, energy, sleep, digestion, diet and lifestyle. We fax a release of records to your medical doctor to request a copy of your most recent bloodwork and any other special tests that are of relevance to the condition being treated. You are sent home with a diet diary and a review of systems to complete before your next visit.

Second Visit – The second visit is an hour. We complete a screening physical exam, review bloodwork, complete a urinalysis, determine what other testing is necessary, talk about your diet and look over the review of systems. Lifestyle counseling is provided at this second visits along with diet recommendations. A treatment plan is discussed that takes finances, treatment preferences and time frame into consideration.

Third visit – The third visit is half an hour. This is when a comprehensive treatment plan is implemented. This includes personalized diet recommendations, nutraceuticals, homeopathics and/or botanicals. It may also include recommendations for acupuncture and detoxification. The treatment plan outlines what are current goals are, when we need to follow-up to assess progress and what are future goals are or treatment options are.

Subsequent Visits – Are between 30 and 60 minutes. Each treatment plan is different and therefore subsequent visits may be weekly (if doing acupuncture) or every 6 months (if you are on a long-term maintenance program).  It is recommended that you follow-up every 6 months to 1 year if you have no current health concerns to address, but want to promote optimal wellness and prevent illness and disease.